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Blueskystaking Pools:

0% Fee


Pool ID: d154d300188758…

Based in Germany


Pool ID: 730978fb63da87…

Based in Canada


About Us.

Cardano is a public blockchain and cryptocurrency project. It requires decentralized node servers. All our pools have high performance secure servers. The are fully automated and monitored 24/7

Blueskystaking has a OVH Global Infrastructure, professional, and reliable Since 01-2020 . With this approach, Together we will help the Cardano network grow.


0% fee

To help the Cardano network grow. Whe decided to charge 0% fee.

So the total rewards earnt by the pool will be distributed to the Ada holders who delegate to our pool.

If you delegate your Ada to our pool, you can always decide what to do with your Ada. You still can Move, Spend or Delegate to another stakepool. Of course we hope that you will choose for BLUE or BLUE2